This was a little more then half of the orders that I finished and sent out…..among all the moving/household errands I had to do and the sick kids I had to take care of.

Drink coffee till it’s suitable to drink wine

poor sick baby :(

new favorite picture of keegan, I love that shirt. Both the kids are sick, it has been a rough moving week for sure.

New fabric that I am hoping to make bows,headwraps, and bowties out of. The silence!!!


It is sooo unfair they don’t exsist I want one in the house so badly!!!

Addicted to fabric

Went to hot topic and did some retail therapy!! :D Gotta love hot cash!


Sorry I suck because tumblr sucks as an app on my phone.

Ummm moved, rockabilly revolts doing awesome, friend life sucks, though I am being an awesome mom and wife…bam!

Decided to go to the park, all three of us really need more fresh air so we (mostly I) are going to start getting some, they had fun!