Drinks at the fubar

Dinner….your welcome children.

Best compliment ever

Sitting at a local bar with my husband where a free show was going on I had a cocktail and was sitting smoking a cigarette and he turns and looks and me and says

"You look like a 2014 Betty Draper"

And I loveeee Betty from madmen everything about her lol.

Worked St.Pete Indie Market today…it was nice but July is melt a couple layers of skin off month and my stomach still sucks from the food poisoning 2 nights ago. Other then that so good catching up with my friend and selling together.

Day in the life of a parent

Yoy kids wakes up from naptime to hand you something and it’s poop. …

Thank god I was working for that!!!

This was fun watching jane eat her cupcake upside down.

The party at Chucky Cheese was a success! Though I desperately needed another adult with me when both toddlers wanted to do separate things and to young to leave by themselves.

Got 21 tickets, Keegan even played some games all by himself putting the token in and ripping the ticket too. We got stickers and a spinny thing.

Kids toys

Geez switching out some of the kids toys from their room to playroom is beyond exhausting suprisingly. I literally had to sit down and take a break because my sciatic nerve was acting up.

Things you don’t do

Call your wife an almost bad mom cause she doesn’t feel her child needs to go to the hospital…..

I’m not talking to you right now

The brand new wallet I got from indie craft bazaar!!!! :) I n love with it….it has leopard inside!